SSPH+ Vision, Mission, Motivation and Values

Our Vision is to promote equitable health through higher education, research and knowledge transfer.

We focus our Mission on three strategic pillars:

  • Teaching & Education: SSPH+ fosters high-quality higher education and training collaborations to enable a skilled public healthworkforce locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Inter-university Research: SSPH+ facilitates and promotes interdisciplinary, trans-institutional research to strengthen public healthnationally and internationally.
  • Science to Policy & Practice: SSPH+ supports the translation and dissemination of public health science to policy, practice, and the public.
Our core Motivation is to foster higher education and research. We empower our public health community and our faculty of dedicated public health experts and scientists to become stronger and broader in Switzerland and abroad. We facilitate inter-university collaborations which provide us an added value in terms of scientific exchange and lifelong learning. We contribute to the health of the population and improve general knowledge about health through our extended network, thus interacting as an intermediary between science and the public. We share our knowledge of public health
with students, politicians, the media, the economy and the public.

The following Values guide our actions:

Community of will and collaboration
What unifies and holds us together is the will and the goal to improve the health of the population based on science, evidence and communication. We feel part of a larger whole and are eagerly committed to public health, working together to address the challenges of the twenty-first century and to give public health a strong voice in Switzerland. We collaborate across universities and learn from each other.

Diversity, Transdisciplinarity, Respect, Responsibility
We value and promote diversity, inclusiveness, transdisciplinarity, and the collective in our education, research, and service. We maintain fair, respectful interactions and a positive work atmosphere both in collaborations and academic competitions. We communicate transparently and support each other.

Community, Scientific Exchange, Lifelong Learning
We form a community and at the same time a knowledge hub that offers its members added value in the form of scientific exchange in the academic network and lifelong learning in public health. In addition, we coordinate those issues for our network that affect everyone: education, scientific programs, communication, legal, lobbying, fundraising and more.

Zurich, 10 December 2021

Annual reports

You can find all SSPH+ Annual Report in the section Reports & Documents - Annual Reports.

SSPH+ Strategy 2023-2027

The SSPH+ Strategy 2023-2027 is the outcome of an 18-month participatory and interactive process of the SSPH+ Faculty members, Fellows and PhD students coordinated by the Directorate and steered by the SSPH+ Foundation Board. This strategy is the basis for the future work and development of SSPH+. Here you can find a summary of the SSPH+ strategy 2023-2027 and a corresponding overview of the SSPH+ strategic actions and outcomes. Alternatively, here you can find the full versions of the SSPH+ strategy 2023-2027 and SSPH+ financial concept 2023-2027.