Online Faculty Meeting 2021


Day 1 / 15 June 2021

A13:00 – 15:00SSPH+ - Where do we stay, where do we go?
A113:00-13:30Where do we stay? Highlights from SSPH+The first session provides a few highlights and challenges of SSPH+. This will focus also on issue not related to COVID-19 given the extra sessions planned on Day 2. Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Nino Künzli
A213:30-14:30Where do we go? The SSPH+ Strategy 2023-2027
Breakout group discussions (self-organized break)In 2023, SSPH+ enters its next funding and strategic period. Thus, shaping the strategy of the future is a crucial process of this year. In session A2 you will learn where we stand with the strategic planning for 2023-2027. This includes results from the current survey (closing on June 3rd) where you provided feedback on the current drafts of the future vision, mission and motivation. Break-out groups will discuss specific strategic questions and challenges. Therefore, you provide inputs in the development of the strategy and the related financial concept 2023-2027, to be adopted by the Foundation Board in the December 2021 meeting.
Audience: SSPH+ Faculty Members and their research groups
Keynote/Moderation: Nino Künzli
A314:30-15:00Convene in plenary, present group work, discuss outcomes, actions and next stepsAudience: SSPH+ Faculty Members and their research groups
Keynote/Moderation: Fabian Vollrath
15:00-15:15VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK - 15'
B15:15-17:00Your SSPH+@Expo and your journals - getting involved
B115:15-16:00SSPH+ features health in all SDGs at Expo in Dubai - with youSSPH+ plans several events to be featured at the Swiss Pavilion of Dubai Expo in 2022. The events planned for SSPH+@Expo are centred on the theme “Health in all SDG’s”- i.e. relating public health to all sustainable development goals. We are now in the beginning phases of the developing the events more concretely and will shortly send out calls for faculty members and PhD students to contribute to the events. In breakout groups, we will work together to get your important insight into how we can develop the events in an attractive and engaging way.Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Emily Reeves
16:00-16:15VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK - 15'
B216:15-17:00Public Health Reviews: attractive for your reviews and your policy briefs! "Public Health Reviews” aims at synthesizing evidence and providing policy recommendations for real world issues. We will work on how to engage the SSPH+ and global public health research community to submit topical articles, how to effectively expand the reach and visibility of the journal. We will invite you to propose and co-edit calls for papers.Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Sarah Mantwill & Anke Berger
17:00-17:15VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK - 15'
C17:15-18:00Emerging Health Care Leaders
C117:15-18:00Emerging Health Care Leaders (EHCL) ProgramThe Emerging Health Care Leader (EHCL) program is a pioneering needs-based training program for early career scientists (PhDs, postdocs and junior doctors) engaged in NRP 74 “Smarter Health Care” projects. Scholars take part in professional skill trainings, career coaching sessions, “spark sessions” with health care experts, networking events and retreats. EHCL scholars are forming a robust network of Swiss health care leaders. Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Rolf Heusser


Day 2 / 16 June 2021

D08:30-11:00COVID-19 and lessons learned
D108:30-09:15Introduction followed by group work In this session we want to learn from each other by sharing with the SSPH+ community what actions, projects or measures the universities have taken regarding teaching and/or research in response to COVID-19.Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Antoine Flahault
D209:15-10:00Convene in plenary and present group workAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Luca Crivelli
10:00-10:15VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK - 15'
D310:15-11:00Beyond COVID-19: Lessons learned for actionA moderated discussion with three experts will focus on what this pandemic has taught us / is teaching us, what we have been neglecting, and what we need to do and focus on moving forward. Panelists include: 1. Samia Hurst-Majno, Professor of Biomedical Ethics, and Director of the Institute for Ethics, History, and the Humanities at University of Geneva. Also Chair of the NCS-TF Ethics, Legal, Social Expert Group, and serves on the management team of the NCS-TF 2. Marianne Jossen, Co-leader of the FOPH Covid-19 Taskforce working group "Social Impact" 3. Didier Trono, Professor and Director of the Laboratory n Virology and genetics at EPFL, and Chair of the NCS-TF Diagnostics and Testing Expert Group Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: L. Suzanne Suggs
11:00–11:15VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK – 15’
E11:15-12:00Corona Immunitas - The Virus as a Game Changer
E111:15-12:00The Virus as a Game ChangerCOVID-19 has turned the world upside down and caused much suffering around the globe. But not only. This presentation shows: This joint research on the seroprevalence and on the impact of the pandemic has massively strengthened the cooperation within SSPH+. With this experience and on this basis, SSPH+ can tackle major projects in the field of public health in a coordinated and structured way in the future - for the benefit of all.Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Milo Puhan
12:00-13:00VIRTUAL LUNCH BREAK - 60'
F13:00-14:00Parallel Sessions F
F113:00-14:00PhD program coordinators meetingAudience: Upon invitation
Keynote/Moderation: Ann Walser
F213:00-14:00Dream your SSPH+There are several success stories about virtual business organization (e.g. Amazon). Can we dream together how we could make our “virtual” academic organization, the Swiss School of Public Health, a success story in the coming years? We will try to define the 10 pivotal and powerful moments to achieve such a dream.Audience: PhD students, Postdocs and interested scientists
Keynote/Moderation: Antoine Flahault
F313:00-14:00Win a PhD fellowship with your top candidate: Guidance for MD-PhD fellowshipsSince years, SAMW/ASSM – together with SNSF and other funders – provides fully funded PhD fellowships (up to 3 years) for medical students (physicians, dentist, veterinary) interested in research. The PhD-requirements for this MD/PhD are identical to the usual PhD. Research in any health field is eligible (basic sciences, clinical, public health, health systems). This session explains how to successfully promote your candidates with the ultimate goal to increase public health sciences in this MD PhD fellowship program, where SSPH+ faculty participates extremely rarely.Audience: SSPH+ Faculty and all others who supervise PhD students (at SSPH+ partner institutions)
Keynote/Moderation: Nino Künzli
14:00-14:15VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK - 15'
G14:15-16:15Inter-university Graduate Campus (IGC) Academic Board Meeting
G114:15-16:15IGC Academic Board MeetingAudience: Upon invitation
Keynote/Moderation: Thomas Abel
16:15-16:30VIRTUAL COFFEE BREAK - 15'
H16:30-17:15Celebrate the future leaders!
H116:30-17:15Join the author of the 2020 Best Published PhD Article in public health and witness what SSPH+ PhD students will tell you Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Nino Künzli
... see you at the next year's 2022 SSPH+ Faculty Meeting... in person, in ZURICH!