Faculty Meeting 2022


at the University of Zurich, Rämistrasse 59, 14-15 June 2022

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Day 1 / 14 June 2022

Download presentation slides for day 1

10:30-12:30 Pre-conference
10:30-12:30IGC Academic Board MeetingAudience: upon invitation
Keynote/Moderation: Thomas Abel & Ann Walser
A13:00 – 14:10Welcome, some highlights of SSPH+ and a first look into the future
A113:00-13:15WelcomeAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Milo Puhan
A213:15-13:50Highlights and new SSPH+ initiativesAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Nino Künzli et al.
A313:50-14:10Outlook to the future: Fostering SDGs in SSPH+?Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Frank Rühli, Dean of Medical Faculty, University of Zurich
B14:10-16:00Parallel Sessions B
B114:10-15:00Win-wins of collaboration between universities of applied sciences and universitiesThis session explores possible challenges and benefits of collaborations between universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). How can SSPH+ and UAS benefit from one another? Find out more through this session.Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Luca Crivelli & Julia Dratva
B214:10-15:00Strengthening the next generation of scientistsJoin this Postdoc workshop designed to inspire yourself and support your career steps. The workshop will include information on relevant key teaching opportunities as well as share important insights on moving from a post-doctoral to faculty member positions. What opportunities are there for you as a next generation scientist? You will have an opportunity to network with peers, share personal experiences, ask your questions and find out more through this workshop! Audience: Postdocs
Keynote/Moderation: Muaamar Al-Gobari & Antoine Flahault
B314:10-16:00PhD students' meetingAudience: PhD students
Keynote/Moderation: Thomas Abel & Ann Walser
15:00-15:30COFFEE BREAK - 30'
B415:30-16:00Convene in plenary and presentation of group workAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Nino Künzli
C16:00-17:00Citizen Cohort
C116:00-17:00Citizen Cohort - on the moveThis workshop seeks to identify the public health topics, research domains or questions that the Citizen Cohort (CC) should cover with priority. This is an important first step towards discussions with key constituencies of the CC such as interested federal and cantonal agencies, funding bodies, policy and decision makers. Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Nicole Probst-Hensch et al.
D17:00-17:30SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk
D117:00-17:30SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk competition with 4 PhD studentsFour SSPH+ PhD students compete to explain science in 3 minutes: who will win your vote? - Andrea Martina Aegerter, ZHAW and University of Zurich - Benedetta Armocida, University of Geneva - Alexandra Bürgler, Swiss TPH - Lam Yin Ting, ISPM BernAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Emily Reeves & L. Suzanne Suggs
D217:30-Menu suprise followed by APERO
19:30-DINNER (upon invitation only)


Day 2 / 15 June 2022

Download presentation slides for day 2

E08:30-11:15Linking scientific expertise with action - not just in pandemics
E108:30-09:10Panel discussionThis session shall feature a panel discussion* that explores key lessons learned from the pandemic and discusses how to strengthen the link between the academic community and the leaders in action in all public health sciences domains in Switzerland. *Panelists include: Prof. Andreas Balthasar (University of Luzern), Anne Lévy (Federal Office of Public Health), Dr. med. Christiane Meier (University Hospital Zurich), Marcel Widmer (Swiss Health Observatory).Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Emily Reeves
E209:10-10:00Group discussionAudience: All
10:00-10:30COFFEE BREAK - 30'
E310:30-11:15Convene in plenary and presentation of group workAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Luca Crivelli
F11:15-12:00Parallel Sessions F
F111:15-12:00Health in all SDGs: making use of SSPH+@Expo outcomesThis workshop will investigate the ways that we can capitalize on key outcomes of SSPH+@Expo. How can we keep people engaged in health in all sustainable development goals? let's discuss in this session!Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Emily Reeves
F211:15-12:00PhD program coordinators' meetingAudience: PhD program coordinator
Keynote/Moderation: Ann Walser
F311:15-12:00Communication of science to the public – how to achieve this goalThis workshop shall identify ideas, challenges, open questions and possible steps and strategies to be considered in the development of a “SSPH+ Communication Concept”. Be a part of shaping this important new domain of the SSPH+ agenda.Audience: All
Keynote/Moderation: L. Suzanne Suggs
G12:00-12:30Capacity building and farewell
G112:00-12:30Capacity building to bridge population-based and clinical studiesAudience: All
Keynote/Moderation: Jan Fehr & Milo Puhan