GlobalP3HS Students

Below you find the list of all GlobalP3HS students in alphabetical order.

Name PhD Project Title University

Kubanychbek Abdykerimov

The epidemiology of transmission of zoonoses between carnivores and humans in Kyrgyzstan University of Zurich

Temitope Adebayo-Ojo

Joint effects of ambient air pollution mixtures on health outcomes in Cape Town, 2001 - 2016 University of Basel

Lucia Aguirre

Sustainable food: Building a behavior-centered framework to design and promote the adoption of diets that improve health and the environment. Università della Svizzera italiana

Pauline Yongeun Ahn

Health System Resilience: key for unlocking the complex health system strengthening agenda University of Basel

Serra Lem Asangbeh

Developing a Cervical Cancer Prevention and Care Cascade in Low and Middle-Income Countries University of Bern

Tala Ballouz

Barriers to HIV care in Lebanon: A mixed methods study and comparative policy analysis University of Zurich

Diana Buitrago Garcia

The science of prevalence: development of an evidence-based tool to assess the risk of bias in prevalence studies University of Bern

Marvin Bundo

The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Mental Health University of Bern

Olena Bychkovska

Primary and Community Care Models of Health Care Delivery for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury: Lessons from 24 Countries’ Comparison University of Lucerne

Ariana Bytyci Katanolli

The longitudinal effects of health system strengthening interventions on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases in Kosovo: a cohort approach University of Basel

Mengling Cheng

The economic, social, and life-course antecedents of later-life multimorbidity in low- and middle-income countries: evidence from China University of Lausanne

Ranin Darkhawaja

Social capital, social contagion, healthy minds and healthy habits in the future health care work force in the occupied Palestinian territory University of Basel

Maša Davidović

Cancer prevention for women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa University of Bern

Olga De Santis

DE-MA-RE Epidemiological study of DEngue virus infections in Madagascar and Reunion Island. University of Geneva

Evan de Schrijver

Climate change adaptation and future health impacts University of Bern

Tafadzwa Dhokotera

Cervical cancer control in HIV positive and negative women in South Africa: a model for Precision Public Health University of Bern

Rachel Esra

Mathematical modelling of hepatitis B virus infection in Sub-Saharan Africa University of Geneva

Mathurin Fatou

Perception and interaction of mosquitoes with topical repellents and insecticide-treated nets University of Basel

Valentina Gonzalez Jaramillo

Unmet needs at the end of life of patients with heart failure University of Bern

Giorgia Grisotto

Dietary Factors and Patterns on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Mortality in Peri- and Post-Menopausal Women University of Bern

Olutoyin Ikuteyijo

Contraceptive use and domestic violence experience among adolescents and adolescent mothers in urban slums in southwest Nigeria University of Basel

Oche Itodo

Cardiovascular risk factors and conditions as comorbidities of persons with a spinal cord injury University of Bern

Mushashu Mwansa Lumpa

Bridging data silos: record linkages for better health in low resourced settings University of Bern

Cristina Mesa Vieira

Mental and cardiometabolic consequences of chronic exposure to violence University of Bern

Stefan Johannes Mitterer

Specialised Paediatric PAlliativE CaRe: Assessing Economic and health system outcomes in a multi-site context of various care settings (SPhAERA-E) University of Basel

Kirubel Mussie

Ethical issues in the care of older people in Ethiopia University of Basel

Ogonna Nwankwo

Modelling of Productivity using workload indicator of frontline Health workforce in an era for Universal Health Coverage(UHC) in Nigeria University of Basel

Ana Lucía Oña Macías

The Health-Income Gap: To what extent does inequality explain the living situation of people with spinal cord injury (SCI) University of Lucerne

Babatunde Owolodun

Foodways in West Africa: Time Trends and Diversity of Food Consumption Pattern University of Basel

Eddy Carolina Pedraza Salcedo

Care at end of life influences grief: Needs and desires of bereaved parents in palliative end-of-life care in paediatric oncology University of Lucerne

Peter Francis Raguindin

Early cardiometabolic changes in spinal cord injury patients University of Bern

Zayne Milena Roa Díaz

The interaction between lifestyle and menopausal ageing and their impact in cardiovascular disease in women University of Bern

Dante Jr. Salvador

Diabetes mellitus and myocardial fibrosis University of Bern

Giuliana Sanchez

Household burden of disease and NCD control and prevention – Understanding patient perceptions and health systems use in the Peruvian Andes University of Basel

Yara Shoman

Burnout: definition, assessment and causal determinants University of Lausanne

Shreya Shrikhande

Climate Change and Non-Communicable Diseases in BRICS: What the future could look like for Cardiovascular Diseases in India and South Africa University of Basel

Flaka Siqeca

Assessing the needs and preferences of the older population living in Basel-Landschaft: the Baselland Older Population Survey as a component of the INSPIRE project University of Basel

Yu-Yin Su Allemann

Treatment-related symptoms and acupuncture efficacy on breast cancer survivors University of Basel

Maryam Tavakkoli

The burden of road and transport injuries in low- and middle-income countries: A global health policy analysis on the role of road safety evidence and information systems University of Basel

Martin Tušl

MeCoach: Crafting as a salutogenic way of life University of Zurich

Ezra Valido

Assessing childhood vaccination implementation in local government units in the Philippines: A mixed-method study University of Lucerne

Sanne Verhoog

Physical (in)activity, sleep and healthy ageing University of Bern

Olivia Yip

Implementation and evaluation of INSPIRE: a novel community-based program for senior citizens using an integrated care model University of Basel

Kyaw Zay Ya

Identifying the most effective and cost-effective strategies to prevent antimicrobial resistance in low and middle-income countries University of Basel

Nejimu Zepro

High impact innovative approaches for improved uptake of maternal health services among pastoralist communities of Afar, Ethiopia: Cluster Randomized Trial University of Basel