GlobalP3HS Students

Below you find the list of all GlobalP3HS students in alphabetical order.

Name PhD Project Title University

Pauline Yongeun Ahn

Health System Resilience: key for unlocking the complex health system strengthening agenda University of Basel

Serra Lem Asangbeh

Developing a Cervical Cancer Prevention and Care Cascade in Low and Middle-Income Countries University of Bern

Maša Davidović

Cancer prevention for women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa University of Bern

Olga De Santis

DE-MA-RE Epidemiological study of DEngue virus infections in Madagascar and Reunion Island. University of Geneva

Christelle Favre

Engaging with Out-of-school Adolescents for Research in Sexual and Reproductive Health University of Basel

Giorgia Grisotto

Dietary Factors and Patterns on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Mortality in Peri- and Post-Menopausal Women University of Bern

Cristina Mesa Vieira

Mental and cardiometabolic consequences of chronic exposure to violence University of Bern

Stefan Johannes Mitterer

Specialised Paediatric PAlliativE CaRe: Assessing Economic and health system outcomes in a multi-site context of various care settings (SPhAERA-E) University of Basel

Mahsa Nazari

Estimating the effect of antihypertensive treatments: evidence from Network meta-analysis and six-state Markov modelling University of Bern

Zayne Milena Roa Díaz

The interaction between lifestyle and menopausal ageing and their impact in cardiovascular disease in women University of Bern

Olivia Yip

Implementation and evaluation of INSPIRE: a novel community-based program for senior citizens using an integrated care model University of Basel