Cost-effectiveness of palliative care for patients and their caregivers in resource-limited settings of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Islam Salikhanov, University of Basel

The 2015 Quality of Death Index placed Kazakhstan 50th out of 80 assessed countries. Currently, some form of inpatient end-of life care in Kazakhstan is provided by only 11 facilities, including hospices and departments of palliative care. In 2017, the total number of palliative care beds did not exceed 500 all over the country, while a minimum of 15,500 patients need the service at any given time. Barriers to providing palliative care services in Kazakhstan are associated with inadequate pain management; lack of trained personnel including non-medical specialists; limited hospice and palliative beds availability; and lack of in-home and outpatient day-care services.
1) To assess the state of palliative care in the Republic of Kazakhstan within the past 5 years.
2) To assess the cost-effectiveness of inpatient hospice-based palliative care services for cancer patients in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Methods: The proposed study will use retrospective and prospective data involving quantitative and qualitative mixed-methods research, where integration of individual semi-structured in-depth interviews, a cross-sectional survey and analyses of existing data will be conducted. The financial impact of palliative care will be estimated using the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio. Finally, to check variations in outcomes under a given set of assumptions, a sensitivity analysis will be conducted.

Keywords: cost-effectiveness, palliative care, caregivers, hospice care, cancer

Short Biography

Islam is a physician who completed a Master in Public Health degree in an English-language School of Medicine with a focus on health economics. He conducted research on cost-effectiveness analysis of breast cancer screening program. Since 2018, Islam worked at the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center as a health administrator. He started PhD in Public Health in order to extend his experience in health economics analysis, but focusing on effectiveness of palliative care services.

Islam Salikhanov

Islam Salikhanov

University of Basel

Supervisor: Maria Katapodi

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