Primary and Community Care Models of Health Care Delivery for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury: Lessons from 24 Countries’ Comparison

Olena Bychkovska, University of Lucerne

Through her PhD research Olena aims to identify optimal models of health care delivery for persons with spinal cord injury (SCI). Globally, spinal cord injury is affecting significant number of individuals each year. It is often associated with high risk of developing life-threatening secondary health conditions. However, in academic, medical and political terms there is yet a lot to learn on how to tailor a health care system corresponding to the needs of persons with this condition. Resolving such complex challenge as identifying and implementing suitable models of primary care for persons with SCI would require multispectral, multidisciplinary and international collaboration. Thus, Olena will compare the health care system's impact on health care delivery, health care utilization, management of chronic conditions, treatment of secondary health conditions, and patient's experience across 28 countries participating in International Spinal Cord Injury Community Survey (InSCI). InSCI is the first spinal cord injury survey conducted in six WHO regions that studies the experience of persons with spinal cord injury in various area, including health services. Moreover, Olena will build a foundation for launching International Spinal Cord Injury Community Survey in Ukraine.

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Short Biography

Olena Bychkovska is a PhDstudent in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne and the Swiss Paraplegic Research. Olena holds a Master's degree in Management and Administration (in Public Health) from the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (Kyiv, Ukraine) and a MSc degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology from the BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo, Norway). She was previously engaged in various international and public sector activities in Ukraine, Norway, and Sweden. Olena strongly believes in the necessity of decision making and policy development to be strictly evidence-based. Therefore, she strives to be involved in multidisciplinary research on how to build more inclusive and effective healthcare systems.

Olena Bychkovska

Olena Bychkovska
Swiss Paraplegic Research AG
University of Lucerne

Supervisor: Armin Gemperli

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