Implementation and evaluation of INSPIRE: a novel community-based program for senior citizens using an integrated care model

Olivia Yip, University of Basel

Background: Frail older adults may be subject to multiple health challenges which require diverse health and social services to address their complex needs. Given the care between health care providers is often uncoordinated, frail older adults can be at risk of experiencing fragmented care, leading to further negative health outcomes. New legislation in Canton Basel-Landschaft (BL) commands the implementation of a nurse-led community-based integrated care model to overcome these negative outcomes and help older adults to continue living at home.

Objectives: The PhD project is embedded in the INSPIRE project which aims to develop, implement and evaluate a nurse-led community-based integrated care model for older adults in BL. The specific aims of this PhD project are to: conduct a contextual analysis; develop the INSPIRE logic model and describe the implementation strategies; and evaluate the feasibility of the care model and implementation outcomes.

Methods: A contextual analysis will be conducted based on implementation science methods to support development of the intervention and select implementation strategies. A hybrid effectiveness-implementation design will be used to measure the feasibility and acceptability of the care model as well as the effectiveness through a prospective pre-post cohort study in 2 care regions in BL.

Relevance: The integrated model of care has the potential to improve outcomes of patients, their caregivers and the health care system as a whole. Findings from this project will inform future models of care in Switzerland and Europe.

Keywords: Integrated delivery of health care, implementation science, frail elderly, outcome and process assessment

Short Biography

Olivia Yip completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree (Honours Specialization in Health Sciences with Biology) at The University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. She completed her Master’s of Science degree with a Health Promotion specialization in 2014 at The University of Western Ontario, where she focused her thesis on preschoolers’ physical activity. During her graduate studies, she also worked as a Research Assistant and a Graduate Teaching Assistant for The University of Western Ontario. Subsequently, she has gained public health experience by working for four years at The Regional Municipality of York on the Epidemiology and Research team followed by the Tobacco-Free Living team. She is currently working at the University of Basel as a doctoral student on the INSPIRE project, led by Prof. Dr. Sabina De Geest and Dr. Mieke Deschodt.

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