Towards a One Health approach to quality and safety of Broiler Chicken meat in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, Palestine

Said Fatih Abukhattab, University of Basel

One Health can be defined as the added value of closer collaborations of human and animal health in terms of better health of humans and animals, financial savings and environmental services. One Health has been validated in numerous case studies. With this project, we aim to develop a One Health approach for Palestine using a prime example, the poultry sector. We will combine 1) field research to establish the level of contamination of poultry meat with antibiotics and zoonotic pathogens like Salmonella spp. and Campylobacter spp. and 2) organize participatory transdisciplinary stakeholder seminars to discuss white meat hygiene from “farm to fork” and extend it to public health. The expected results of this project are relevant at two levels: Firstly, the level of bacterial contamination and degree of AMR of white meats (Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter) and the presence of antibiotic residues residue of antibiotics in these meats. The second direction of the expected results is the measurement of KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices) of hygiene practices and the use of antibiotics for all workers in the chain of the white meat production processes (farmers, slaughter workers, workers in white meat shops, veterinarians). Therefore, the expected outcomes will; 1- Provide the local scientific evidence to inform food safety and quality regulations. 2- Protect the vast majority of the Palestinian people who depend mostly on white meat as the main source of animal protein in their diet.

Keywords: One Health, Food Safety, Zoonoses, Transdisciplinary research

Short Biography

In 2008, I graduated from An-Najah National University with a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. In 2009, I was among the top five veterinarians selected to work in the Palestinian government sector. In 2013, I was promoted to head of veterinary control and public health department where I currently hold this position in the Ramallah governorate. In 2016, I enrolled in the Community and Public Health Master's program at Birzeit University and I graduated in 2018. As a PhD student working on a project under the supervision of the head of the Human and Animal Health unit at Swiss TPH, a veterinary epidemiologist, I will bring on board my local experience as a veterinary public health researcher and student of epidemiology in implementing the project goals. The success of this project and the expected recommendations will enhance the concept of One Health not only in Palestine but in the Middle East and the world, thus achieving the unit's goal in using the One Health approach to control zoonotic diseases and improve the global health.

Said Fatih Abukhattab

Said Fatih Abukhattab

University of Basel

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Supervisor: Jakob Zinsstag

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