Testimonials of alumni of the SSPH+ PhD Program / Inter-university Graduate Campus

Testimonials of alumni 2024

Being a PhD candidate within the SSPH+ community has been both an enriching and enjoyable experience. I particularly appreciate the international network of inspiring young academics who have been motivating and great companions along the journey. The courses offered by the program are well-structured, providing a strong foundation and broadening my knowledge in various areas of public health. Additionally, the annual meetings have been a valuable opportunity to connect and network with peers and experts from different Swiss universities. For me, the sense of community and the support it brings is what makes the SSPH+ community so special. I am looking forward to continuing to be a part of the alumni community!

Martin Tušl, PhD

It has been indeed a great experience for me to be part of the IGC. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet colleagues from other Swiss Universities, the exchange, and the support network that helped me to progress at times.

Flor Lucia Gonzalez, PhD

Coming all the way from Lebanon, my experience with the SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus has been incredibly enriching. The courses I completed have been extremely important in enhancing my fieldwork, academic teaching, and research. The opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the field and to meet students from different universities has been invaluable. The knowledge and skills gained through this program are invaluable and have significantly contributed to my professional growth. I am grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend the SSPH+ IGC to other public health professionals seeking to advance their expertise.

Krystel Ouaijan, PhD

I experienced very good collaboration with people from SSPH+, which is highly appreciated!

Elvira Muratalieva, PhD

As a student of SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus and proud recipient of the GlobalP3Hs scholarship, I couldn't be more grateful for the immense support that I have received during my SSPH+ training and MSCA PhD fellowship. I completed an interesting and broad range of doctoral and courses that complemented my PhD training beyond my dissertation topic, and this was helpful in expanding my range of technical skills even more. Moreover, the administrative support they offered during my training made me feel I was valued as a student and a scholar. More power to SSPH+!

Dante Salvador Jr, PhD

Testimonials of alumni 2023

I very much enjoyed all the courses organized by SSPH+. They had great quality and provided an opportunity for exchange with other students in Switzerland. I'm very happy I could be part of SSPH+!

Malwina Kowalska, PhD

I highly appreciated all the courses/opportunities provided by SSPH+!

Maria Christina Mallet, PhD


The SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus offered a great learning experience during my PhD in Global Health at the University of Geneva. In particular, the SSPH+ courses allowed me to gain relevant skill sets, as well as provided networking opportunities. I am thankful to the SSPH+ Program and look forward to being part of this platform as alumni.

Das Debashish, PhD

The SSPH+ harnessed the best and brightest minds across Swiss universities to provide its students with a high-quality public health education. Moreover, it provided an avenue for public health students to share ideas, collaborate, and network. I have learned a lot not only from the professors, but also from the students of the network. The courses have given me the necessary skill set to be an epidemiologist with a broader perspective on public health.

Peter Raguindin, PhD


During my PhD studies at the University Hospital Basel (Hospital Pharmacy) & University of Basel (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences), I enjoyed being part of the SSPH+ PhD Program. It has been a great chance to participate in several interesting educational courses in different parts of Switzerland. Moreover, I had the chance to meet other PhD students who performed their PhD studies in other institutions in Switzerland and who also have a great interest in public health. Thanks to all the organizers for this nice opportunity I had during my PhD studies!

Carole Marxer, PhD

SSPH+ courses were always relevant and high-quality with engaging teachers. I am very happy to have been able to take advantage of their program while completing my studies!

Alexandra Peters, PhD


I am very greatful that the Swiss School of Public Health exists - I could benefit from so many good courses due to SSPH+!

Maria Otth, PhD

The SSPH+ PhD Program has offered me a great learning and networking environment during my PhD in Epidemiology at SwissTPH. I especially enjoyed the quality and variety of courses offered, such as training in science communication. I also felt connected with many doctoral students in public health across Switzerland, which was a great support and motivating experience.

Apolline Saucy, PhD


Testimonials of alumni 2022

The Swiss School of Public Health+ has provided me with a supportive environment to grow both professionally and academically. One of the aspects about the School I found the most attractive was the family-like atmosphere and the very positive and nurturing environment. The variety of thematic and regional expertise offered at the SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus is a great asset: the faculty members are world-class, as well as very friendly and eager to assist students in reaching their full potential. The IGC instilled confidence in my abilities to learn and resolve problems, and it has not only developed my research skills but also broadened my worldview. It has been a great privilege to have shared my time as a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics from the Università della Svizzera italiana with so many great public health experts and young professionals from all over the world. I am very much grateful for this.

Santhosh Mannamplackal, PhD


It was a huge privilege to take part in all courses, meetings, intellectual and financial support, and the network offered by SSPH+, as well as being around so many great brilliant Public Health experts and young professionals. As a veterinary medical doctor with an interest on the intersection of human-animal and –environmental health, the SSPH+ program gave me access to key education in Public Health, which in return increased my value for the academic and private-public job market. I have truly enjoyed my time while being enrolled within the SSPH+ PhD program in Public Health as a PhD candidate from the University of Bern, and look forward being part of the alumni network. A huge thank you also for the constant and amazing administrative and coordination heroes of SSPH+. Thank you!

Ranya Özcelik, PhD

The SSPH+ PhD programme has been a great asset during my doctoral research. I was able to attend various courses related to my thematic and methodological needs, which were of high quality. It further allowed exciting exchanges with other doctoral researchers and senior researchers and lecturers, which proved to be fruitful in the long run as well. I am thinking in particular of the course on 'Social sciences in public health' where I had the opportunity to meet colleagues whom I continue collaborating and exchanging with today. I am very grateful to have been able to benefit from this programme.

Joëlle Schwarz, PhD


During my PhD with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, I enjoyed being part of the SSPH+ programme. In this frame, I could attend several courses from experts in the respective field and also get to know other students and institutes in Switzerland. Thanks to the generous financial support from SSPH+, I could also attend a course at the Institute of Development Studies in Brighton (UK), which turned out to be essential for my studies. Overall, the SSPH+ programme allowed me to acquire additional skills and extend my knowledge beyond the courses offered by University of Basel. I appreciate these particular learning experiences and I am grateful for all the people I have met during this journey.

Andrea Leuenberger, PhD

Thank you so much for your amazing work in putting together such a nice PhD program that I was lucky enough to participate in!

Marta Palmeirim, PhD


A heartfelt thank you for all your work putting together such an incredible program! I found the SSPH+ courses very helpful to expand my methodological repertoire and explore new specialties. The lecturers and networking with fellow researchers were truly inspiring!

Julia Bänziger, PhD

SSPH+ is really a worthy learning network to be part of, as a PhD trainee.

Lassané Kaboré, PhD


I would like to thank you all again for organizing such a wonderful Faculty Meeting, it was so great to reconnect and exchange in such a positive environment.

Flaka Siqeca, PhD student, Faculty Meeting 2022

All along my PhD, being part of the SSPH+ program and network has been an immense privilege and pleasure. All of the events and courses I attended were of exceptional quality and exchanging with so many talented young scientists and experts in the field is an opportunity not to be missed. I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this amazing program, thank you!

David de Ridder, PhD


I am a trained physiotherapist who had a PhD project at the UAS Zurich and University of Lucerne in the Swiss learning health system.

The SSPH+ courses I visited include different areas like big data, statistical methods, scientific communication or writing training. I always enjoyed these courses, as the participants and the lecturers were so divers that I felt I can learn so much from them. I also realized that it can be an advantage having practical experience working in a health system as a health professional, because I am aware of the challenges, barriers or facilitators for implementing research evidence into practice. It was often very interesting in group projects, combining the knowledge from PhD students who are strong in their field of research together with my mixed expertise. I would encourage PhD students from UAS to participate in a SSPH+ program as this mixture of PhD students from universities and UAS has great potential to learn from each other.

Lea Ettlin, PhD

I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot. I look forward to remaining in touch.

Joshua Galjour, PhD