Inter­na­tional Journal of Public Health

SSPH+ is the owner of the Inter­na­tional Journal of Public Health (IJPH).

Three editors in chief lead IJPH (Thomas Kohlmann, Germany; Andrea Madarazova Geckova; Slovakia; Nino Künzli, Switz­erland).

This scientific peer reviewed journal has its roots in the former “Sozial- und Präventivmedizin”, published 1976-2006 by Birkhäuser Basel (later on Springer Basel) on behalf of the former owner, the Swiss Society for Social and Preventive Medicine. Originally, articles were published in German, French or English. As IJPH, the journal publishes in English only.

Under the new business model (since 2014), IJPH is now published by SpringerNature office New York. Shared revenues - dependent on the success of IJPH - cover the work of the Editorial Office, led since many years by Dr. Anke Berger (Swiss TPH). While IJPH is still a subscription based journal, SSPH+ evaluates the strategy of open access publishing regularly with SpringerNature.

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