Inter­na­tional Journal of Public Health

The International Journal of Public Health (IJPH) publishes scientific articles relevant to global public health, from different countries and cultures to raise awareness and understanding of public health problems and solutions. The Journal welcomes submissions of original research, critical and relevant reviews, methodological papers, and manuscripts that emphasize theoretical content. IJPH publishes commentaries and editorials. Special issues highlight key areas of current research. The Editorial Board's mission is to provide a thoughtful forum for contemporary issues and challenges in global public health research and practice.

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Nino Künzli (Switzerland), Andrea Madarasova Geckova (Slovakia and The Netherlands) and Olaf von dem Knesebeck (Germany)

Managing Editor: Christopher Woodrow (

SSPH+ is the owner of the International Journal of Public Health since 2010. IJPH is published open access by Frontiers, Lausanne.

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Article processing charges (APC)

APC for IJPH comprise of the production costs of the publisher (not discounted) and the editorial costs of the owner, the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+). SSPH+ discounts the editorial costs for first authors from low and middle income countries according to the research4life country classification (group A and B countries).

2022 -2024: IJPH offers waivers for first authors from low and middle income countries (GLOBEQUITY, funded by the open science program of swissuniversities).

Article typeAPC (CHF)
regulargroup Agroup B
Original Article2'3001'4001'800
Young Researcher Editorial
*free for invited authors

The above fees and discounts are valid for articles submitted on or after February 1, 2021. APCs may be subject to periodic revision. The invoiced APC is the one valid at the time of manuscript submission.

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100 years anniversary

2021 marks the 100th birthday of the International Journal of Public Health! Read the anniversary editorials:

Bender et al
Berger et al
Nittas et al
Ruckstuhl et al

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