Public Health Reviews

Public Health Reviews (PHR) is a multi-disciplinary, global, open access journal dedicated to publishing high quality Reviews (all formats) and Policy Briefs of importance to public health.

Co-Editors in Chief: Raquel Lukas (Portugal), NN, NN

Managing Editor: Anke Berger (Switzerland)

Journal Website (in development)

SSPH+ acquired the Public Health Reviews in November 2020 through a transfer in ownership from The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER).

SSPH+ and ASPHER collaborate to publish Calls and ASPHER statements. PHR is published open access by Frontiers, Lausanne since January 2021.

The Article Processing Charges (APC) for PHR comprise of the production costs of the publisher (not discounted) and the editorial costs of the owner, the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+). SSPH+ discounts the editorial costs for first authors from low and middle income countries according to the research4life country classification (group A and B countries). APC (CHF)

Article type
regulargroup A
group B
Systematic Review
Mini Review
Policy Brief
*free for invited authors

The above fees and discounts are valid for articles submitted on or after February 01, 2021. APCs may be subject to periodic revision. The invoiced APC is the one valid at the time of manuscript submission.