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SSPH+ currently supports over 30 different educational programs in public health.  Offers include CAS, DAS, MAS, and PhD programs, as well as
several short courses, at eight Swiss Universities, in four different languages (German, French, Italian, and English). 
Topics include health promotion and prevention, international health, healthcare management, epidemiology and biostatistics, health law, as well as
many others.

Individual Courses

Over 200 facilitators teach SSPH+ courses in a wide range of public health topics.  Current courses are arranged by topic heading.

Spring/Summer/Winter Schools

The Spring/Summer/Winter Schools are organised by SSPH+ and her partner universities. Courses are intended for professiopnals and managers of health administrations, hospitals and other services and facilities within the health sector, policy-makers and/or any student registered for one of the continuous education programs coordinated and supported by SSPH+.