IGC Students Meeting 2023 and Career Event

Students Meeting 2023 and Career Event

Students Meeting 2023 and Career Event with input lectures and world café, 20 June 2023, 14:15-17:30

  • During SSPH+ Faculty Meeting (20/21 June 2023) at the Swiss TPH, Kreuzstrasse 2, Allschwil
  • Followed by a Swiss TPH symposium on "Preparing PhD Students - Shaping Future Academic Leaders" (21 June 2023, from 13:00-17:00).

Registration for the Students Meeting, the Career Event and the Faculty Meeting is here until 20 April 2023 (email address/ password)

APart 1: Students Meeting
A114:15 - 14:20WelcomeKeynote/Moderation: Arnaud Chiolero
A214:20 - 14:35Update on IGC affairsKeynote/Moderation: Ann Walser
A314:35 - 14:55Congratulations - Graduates 2022/2023Keynote/Moderation: Arnaud Chiolero
A414:55 - 15:25What's cooking? Questions and inputs from IGC students Keynote/Moderation: Joachim Marti
15:25 - 15:45COFFEE BREAK - 20 minutes
BPart 2: Career Event
B115:45 - 15:50PhD - What's next? Input lecturesKeynote/Moderation: Joachim Marti
B1.115:50 - 16:05Work as an epidemiologist in the pharmaceutical industryDr. Susan Edwards was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. After her BA, Susan worked in public health research at the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health in New York for 4+ years, earning a Master of Public Health (MPH) along the way. To deepen her understanding of Bayesian methodology, she then studied for a PhD at Imperial College London, modelling a cohort of pregnant women's exposure to a class of water disinfection by-products in the UK and studying its association with birth outcomes. For the past 10 years, Susan has worked as an epidemiologist in various roles in the pharmaceutical industry. She currently works for Roche as a Principal Data Scientist, where she designs and runs non-interventional observational studies to describe poorly characterised diseases, supplement the evidence provided by a clinical trial with insights from the "real world", or further study the long-term safety of a marketed drug, for example.Keynote/Moderation: Susan Edwards, Roche
B1.216:05 - 16:20Exploring alternatives with a multi-purposed PhD Dr Joshua Galjour was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Following his BA from the University of New Orleans, Josh began his career in the Republic of Chad as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer working in education and health and continued working for three years in sub-Saharan African countries in the fight against HIV/AIDS (Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Zambia). For the last 14 years, he has worked at the Global Fund in Geneva, joining as a Program Officer and taking on progressively higher responsibilities in the Africa and Middle East Department, namely as Public Health/Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and Fund Portfolio Manager for French- and Portuguese-speaking countries in West and Central Africa. As Senior Fund Portfolio Manager for the Angola portfolio, he currently leads the Global Fund’s relationship with the Government of Angola and manages its US$125 million investment in HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, COVID-19, and health systems strengthening. He holds a Master of Public Health (Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine), a Master of Public Financial Management (University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies), and Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences (University of Geneva, School of Medicine, Institute of Global Health). His doctoral research looked at the effects of chronic political instability on the HIV/AIDS response in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, a country he supported from the Global Fund for seven years. His main area of academic and professional interest is in health systems reforms in Portuguese-speaking countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Keynote/Moderation: Joshua Galjour, The Global Fund
B216:20 - 16:35Attractive CVsJudith Tonner studied sociology and psychology and received her PhD from the University of Basel. In the last years, she has completed a coaching training and worked at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), among other things, in counseling students and staff. Now, she is a project manager in the Leadership & Development department of the Vice Rectorate People & Culture at the University of Basel. In her presentation, she gives a brief insight into current developments in CVs and will be available for individual questions at the World Café.Keynote/Moderation: Judith Tonner, University of Basel
C16:35 - 17:30PhD - What's next? World caféKeynote/Moderation: Ann Walser
C1.1Fiorella Deshogues: Work permits for PhD students and postdocs Fiorella Deshogues is a legal advisor specialized in migration, employment and social insurance law. She graduated from University of Lausanne and has more than 10 years of experience. Her vast experience in the immigration department of a large fiduciary, in a specialized law firm and in several associations defending the rights of foreigner persons in the cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Valais and Fribourg, has allowed her to acquire a specialized knowledge of various issues of migration law. She founded Swiss Immigration in 2020 to advise companies on the work permit process of non-EU/EFTA citizens and the secondment of foreign personnel to Switzerland, as well as individuals, among non-EU/EFTA citizens graduated from a Swiss university. Passionate about her work, Fiorella has a migration background (from Peru to France, and Switzerland) and a sensitivity for social issues.Keynote/Moderation: Fiorella Deshogues, Swiss-Immigration.net
C1.2Networking with LinkedInDr. Anja Matthiä holds a PhD in Computational Neuroscience and Neurophysiology, and has 8 years of experience coordinating (graduate) degree programs. She aims to create and provide an environment in which students can thrive and develop to their full potential according to current global trends. In this session, Anja will discuss your LinkedIn strategy: how you can grow your network to the benefit of your own career goals.Keynote/Moderation: Anja Matthiä, PPHS
C1.3Career Test - Discover your personality-career match based on our psychological assessmentRenate de Bock is a coordinator for the PhD Program Health Sciences, and she is dedicated to helping students find careers that suit them. To help you discover your ideal career, we are offering a free personality test. It only takes 15 minutes to complete and can give you valuable insights. We also have a limited number of premium tests available that tell you which career fits your personality.Keynote/Moderation: Renate de Bock, PPHS
C1.4Talk to the input lecturersKeynote/Moderation: Susan Edwards, Roche/ Joshua Galjour, the Global Fund/ Judith Tonner, University of Basel
C1.5Exchange with other PhD studentsKeynote/Moderation: IGC Student Representatives
D18:00 - 19:30Apero and guided tour around the new Swiss TPH building (upon registration)
E19:30 - 21:002nd Film Festival of Global HealthKeynote/Moderation: IGC Student Representatives
E119:30 - 21:00ACTION! Public health. Movie and discussionKeynote/Moderation: Benedetta Armocida, Miao Jiang, Tiberiu Nita, Hugo Santa Ramirez


SSPH+ Faculty Meeting, 20 - 21 June 2023

You have the opportunity to join the entire SSPH+Faculty Meeting

Symposium “Preparing PhD Students – Shaping Future Academic Leaders”

You also have the opportunity to attend the symposium on 21 June 2023, 13:00-17:00 at Swiss TPH (separate registration)