Annual Report 2022 Annual Report


SSPH+ continued to flourish in 2022 and will undoubtably continue to be a leading institution in public health research and education in Switzerland. The SSPH+ flagships in all three strategic pillars will continue and keep their focus on interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration. As the pandemic has highlighted over the past few years, the future cannot be predicted. However, SSPH+ is poised to bring even more developments as it seeks to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape to drive innovation in public health research and practice. Emerging highlights of 2023 will be the further move toward the launching of the Swiss Cohort & Biobank – a process soon steered by a committee that unites the power of SSPH+ and Public Health Switzerland. In 2023, SSPH+ will also offer its national inter-university umbrella to successful features of the National Research Program 74 (NRP 74) on smarter health care and of the Swiss Learning Health System (SLHS). Funding cycles of the former end in 2023 and of the latter in 2024.

Looking ahead, SSPH+ will say goodbye to it's Dean of 8 years, Prof. Dr. Nino Künzli as he retires from his post and SSPH+ will welcome a new direction in fall 2023. The future of SSPH+ looks bright as it continues to lead the way in advancing public health for the betterment of society.