APC Waiver Program for SSPH+ Affiliates

IJPH and PHR manuscripts with successful peer-review and with at least one author affiliated with SSPH+ (at time of submission) will be published free of charge (no APC) .


  • The submission date is between 10.12.2022 and 31.12.2023
  • At least one author is an SSPH+ Faculty member or is part of the research group or department of an SSPH+ Faculty member (i.e., same primary affiliation)
  • To qualify for this SSPH+ APC waiver program, review articles (all forms, including policy briefs) must be submitted to Public Health Reviews (PHR) and original articles to International Journal of Public Health (IJPH).

Upon submission, the corresponding author must apply to the Editorial Office of the journal for the APC fee waiver approval (mail to IJPH@swisstph.ch or PHR@swisstph.ch).

This application must include the manuscript title, with all authors and affiliations, the abstract, and the name and affiliation of author expected to qualify for the waiver. If the qualifying co-author is not listed as SSPH+ Faculty member, please mention the SSPH+ Faculty member with whom the co-author relates to (e.g. same research group or department etc.). The EO will inform the applicant in due time whether the manuscript will receive the waiver, if accepted for publication after peer review.